Air Conditioning, Heating, (HVAC) Circuits

Air Conditioning/Heating (HVAC) electrical circuits are almost always dedicated circuits, which means they have an electrical circuit that is dedicated to supply power to only that piece of equipment. If you are experiencing breakers tripping, or suspect overloading of your Air Conditioning/Heating/HVAC circuit, we can help. Our licensed electricians receive specialized training and are diagnostic experts that can trouble-shoot your HVAC electrical circuit, pinpoint the problem, and provide you with the right information and repair options needed to get your system up and running again. Don’t waste time and money on amateurs. Call Right Touch Electrical, and let one of our uniformed, licensed, electrical Home Safety Experts help you.

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We will check to ensure that your electrical circuit is sized properly to your unit. It is very important that the circuit wiring and breaker for your HVAC system circuit is sized correctly to the equipment manufacturer specifications. If not, it could cause damage to the equipment, or cause the equipment to not operate properly. (Often when an A/C unit is changed out, the new unit will have different electrical requirements than the previous unit it is replacing. If the electrical modifications are not made to comply with these requirements, it can cause damage to the HVAC system, or cause it to not operate properly). You can count on us to make sure that everything is right.

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