Chandeliers Installation

Nothing says elegance like a chandelier. Whether it’s the reflective beauty of crystals or the subtle statement of a modern fixture, a chandelier can be the centerpiece of a room.

However, a chandelier can also be very heavy, and come with a large monetary investment. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire a highly competent electrical contractor for the installation. Much can go wrong if a heavy fixture is not properly installed.

The licensed electricians at Right Touch Electrical have received specialized training in specialty lighting installation. They are equipped to install your chandelier perfectly and safely, each and every time. Having your special fixture installed by highly skilled professionals, will give you peace of mind, knowing that every detail
will be attended to.

Items That Must Be Addressed For A Successful Chandelier Installation:

  • Height and Access: ladder/scaffolding needs (installation/safety concerns)
  • Installing the proper mounting supports (safety/weight concerns)
  • Installing the proper load-bearing light box (safety/weight concerns)
  • Installing the right medallion (proper fit and look – cosmetic concerns)
  • Proper electrical connections (safety/operational concerns)
  • Proper lighting control with switch/dimmers (safety/operational concerns)
  • Electrical circuit loading (safety/operational concerns)

For a great chandelier installation experience, let us take care of the details.

We guarantee that all work performed by Right Touch Electrical will fully complywith all Local and National Electrical Code safety standards.

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