Code Corrections

An older home, that does not have an updated electrical system, is usually missing many or all of the safety upgrades found in newer homes. Many electrical upgrades have been made over the years. Many of these electrical safety upgrades have become code requirements. Making these code corrections will significantly improve the reliability and safety of your electrical system.

These upgrades all serve to protect life and property. Therefore, Right Touch Electrical always recommends that you have your electrical system checked and updated to comply with Local and National Electrical Code safety standards. Many insurance companies will require the needed code updates to be made, before they will insure the structure. Performing these code updates can provide peace of mind and a much greater level of safety for your home and family. Often by making these code corrections, you can lower your insurance costs. (Check with your insurancecompany to confirm your potential savings).

If you are experiencing problems or need assistance in making code corrections to your electrical system, we will be happy to send one of our Electrical Home Safety Experts to look over your system. Our licensed and insured electricians receive specialized training in the evaluation and repair of older homes. We will provide the right repair options, so you can make the right repair decision for your home and family. Please call today, for assistance.

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