Dimming Lights

Lights that fluctuate, surge from bright to dim, and dim to bright, can be a strong indicator of problems with your electrical system. It could be a problem in one isolated circuit, or be a problem that is affecting the entire electrical system. One thing is for sure, when lights surge from dim to bright, it is time to call an electrician.
If left unaddressed, these surges could turn into a much more serious situation, and can play havoc on your sensitive appliances and systems in your home, causing them to breakdown and fail prematurely.

Right Touch Electrical, a local family owned Houston electrical company, provides professional electricians to perform installation and repair services throughout the greater Houston area. Our Houston electricians are Home Safety Experts that have received special training, and have the right equipment to properly evaluate the loading on your entire electrical system. They will evaluate the problem, offer you the right repair options, and provide firm pricing, so you can make the right repair decision. Remember, improper electrical diagnosis and repair can be dangerous, and costly. Call a real Houston electrician that is a trained diagnostic expert, not a technician or handyman. When you are having an electrical problem, it is time to call a professional, not an amateur.

Call Right Touch Electrical When You Need An Electrician In Houston:

  • As Houston Electricians, we constantly train to ensure our proficiency at troubleshooting electrical problems.
  • We are diagnostic experts, and excel at pinpointing the problem and engineering the proper repair solution.
  • We will give you the right information, and keep you thoroughly informed throughout the entire discovery process.
  • We will go over each repair option available, provide firm pricing for each option, and will courteously answer any questions that you may have.(Note: All pricing is up-front. You approve costs before they are incurred)
  • Your safety is always our top priority.

  • At Right Touch Electrical In Houston, The Right Way Is The ONLY Way!!!