Hot Outlets, Receptacles, Switches, and Wiring

Hot outlets, receptacles, switches, and wiring could present a fire/shock hazard, and should be treated as a serious situation. Do not touch the overheated device or wiring. If you can do so safely, you should turn off power to the problem area. If you are unable to do so, you should call a licensed local Houston electrician immediately, and keep a close watch on the problem area to ensure that the problem doesn’t escalate into a fire situation.

One of our licensed Right Touch Houston electricians will need to thoroughly assess the situation. Due to the potential stress on the electrical system, they will not only troubleshoot the problem area, but should also evaluate the entire electrical system.

They will need to determine:

  • What caused the hot outlet, receptacle, switch, or wiring at the problem area?
  • Why the breaker didn’t shut down power to the problem area?
  • What other damage might have been caused by the overload situation?

The local Houston electricians at Right Touch are electrical Home Safety Experts. They have been specifically trained, and have the right equipment, to properly evaluate your entire electrical system, diagnose the problem, and provide the correct repair options. Improper electrical diagnosis and repair can be costly, and dangerous. Now is the time to call a real electrician that is a diagnostic expert, not a handyman or technician.

Call Right Touch Electrical When You Need A Houston Electrician:

  • At Right Touch Electrical, we constantly train our professional electricians to ensure their proficiency at troubleshooting electrical problems.
  • We are diagnostic experts that excel at pinpointing the problem, and engineering the proper repair solution.
  • Our electricians in Houston will give you the right information, and keep you thoroughly informed throughout the entire discovery process.
  • We will go over each repair option available, provide firm pricing for each option, and will courteously answer any questions that you may have.(Note: All pricing is up-front. You approve costs before they are incurred)
  • Your Safety Is Our Top Priority, At Right Touch Electrical In Houston!!!