Hot Tub Circuits

It is critical that pool, spa, or hot tub electrical work be performed properly. Water conducts electricity very well, and people die each year from electrical shock caused by dangerous electrical work that was either faulty or improperly installed, in or around pools, spas, or hot tubs. If you are installing a pool, spa, or hot tub at your
home, it is of critical importance to have this electrical work performed by a licensed electrician that has been specifically trained in this type of application.

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We will make certain that your new back yard investment is not only beautiful, but also safe, and trouble-free for many years to come. Our licensed professionals are experts at installing the underground and branch circuits needed to power your pool, spa, or hot tub. They have received the specialized training necessary to properly engineer and perform the installation safely and correctly, each and every time.

  • Our electrical work is guaranteed to comply with all Local and National Electrical Code safety standard requirements.

REMEMBER: Most pool or spa contractors, even good ones, often sub-out the electrical work to another company. This often leads to a poor quality electrical work being tied to a beautiful and inviting pool. However, in time, this bad electrical work can also become faulty or extremely dangerous.

Our company is frequently called-out to diagnose problems for pool, spa, or hot tub equipment. We very rarely find quality electrical work in place. Because of what we’ve seen, and the special dangers related to faulty electrical work on pools, spas, and hot tubs, we recommend finding a quality pool/spa contractor to build the pool or set the hot tub in place, but separately hire a high quality Houston electrical contractor for the electrical installation.


Is it better to hire a quality Houston electrician that I trust, receive a longer warranty, and have peace of mind, or allow the pool/spa company to select an inferior quality electrician for me?

Selecting your own electrician should not present a problem for any quality pool, spa, or hot-tub contractor, and they should discount their pricing accordingly. If the pool or spa contractor balks at this idea, then they are probably not the one to choose for your installation, and are likely attempting to increase their profits by
hiring a cheap low-quality electrical contractor to perform the installation work. That could be dangerous for you, and at the very least is almost guaranteed to cost you both time and money in future repairs. We will be happy to talk to you about any installation needs or safety concerns that you may have. At Right Touch Electrical, your safety is always our top priority.

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