Landscape Lighting

We have all been to restaurants at night, and have witnessed the beautiful effects of professional grade landscape lighting on the setting. The splashes of light on trees, walkways, and water features create a magical setting that seems to draw us in. The good news is, with a little help from Right Touch Electrical, you can create that same beautiful nighttime oasis at your own home. A well thought out landscape lighting scheme can also bring safety and security to your home or business. Landscape lighting can provide the protective lighting needed to assist in keeping intruders away, while also creating beauty for your yard.

Our professional electricians have been trained to help you. We will use our knowledge of lumens and lighting “splash zones” to achieve the landscape lighting effect you desire, while also providing the security of a well lit yard area. We use only professional grade landscape lighting, so your installation will be beautiful and trouble-free for years to come. Our electricians will make certain that the installation of your landscape lighting is performed safely, neatly, and efficiently.

  • Hiring the RIGHT electrical company is very important to the success of your landscape lighting project.

Unfortunately, when we are called to assist with landscape lighting issues for a new customer, we usually find an improper or faulty electrical installation from the original installer to be the source of the problem. Because landscape lighting is usually a low-voltage system, we find that many companies take improper shortcuts when installing landscape lighting circuitry. This leads to problems, which compromise and shorten the lifespan of the landscape lighting system.

At Right Touch Electrical, we believe that professional landscape lighting is an investment in your home, and you deserve a professional installation that will ensure many enjoyable years of trouble-free use. You can count on us to do it right, and you will have the assurance of our “Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee” to give you peace of mind.

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