Lightning Strike or Surge Evaluation

If you have experienced a lightning strike or surge event of any type, even a minor one, you should call a professional electrician immediately to evaluate your electrical system. Lightning strike, or any other type of electrical power surge can cause a variety of problems. These problems can range in severity from being
relatively minor in nature, to very dangerous. The damage may be visible or hidden.The truth is, a major surge event can cause damage to all of the electrical components in your home or business, including damage to the wiring system. The bad news is, that if the insulation, connections, conductivity, or grounding of your
wiring system has been compromised by a surge event, it presents a significant danger to life and property, and should be The good news is, that if you have experienced this type of damage, in most cases your insurance company will cover this type of claim.

What are some of the problems caused by a surge event?


  • Full or partial power outage
  • One or more breakers tripped
  • Appliances, electronics, or A/C units that no longer work properly
  • Melting, smoking, sparking, or arcing in electrical outlets, switches, or wiring
  • Visible charring at electrical outlets, switches, or wiring
  • Discoloration in the electrical panel (breaker panel)
  • Smoke detector system not working properly or alarming
  • GFCI or Arc-Fault protection tripped


  • Loose or arcing internal wiring connections caused by the power surge:
    1. Electrical panel connections
      Breaker connections
      Internal connections in wall outlets, switches, and attic junction boxes
  • Damage to internal electrical wiring or wiring insulation
  • Damage to grounding system
  • Damage to major electrical components:
    1. Electrical panel (breaker panel)
      Meter base and riser
      Main service wiring

Many times the damage caused by a lightning strike or power surge is internal, and is not visible to the naked eye. The things you can’t see are usually the most dangerous. For this reason, if you suspect that your home or business experienced a power surge of any kind, it is imperative that you contact a qualified, professional,electrician that has received specialized training in lightning strike or power surge damage evaluation. This is not the time for amateurs, handymen, or technicians.You need a skilled, licensed, electrician that has been specifically trained for this type of work. The ability to properly evaluate, identify, and resolve electrical problems of this type, requires proper training, equipment, and experience. Not every electrician is good at it. Improperly performed electrical diagnostic work can leave a dangerous situation unaddressed. It can also lead to costly, improper, and unsafe repairs.

When Lightning Strikes, Call The Trusted Houston Electricians:

  • At Right Touch Electrical, our professional electricians receive specialized training in lightning strike and power surge evaluation.
  • Our electricians have the equipment and training needed to properly evaluate internal surge damage (MEG/Ohm testing and thermal imaging)
  • Our safety experts will thoroughly evaluate your entire electrical system,pinpoint the problems, and engineer the correct repair solutions.
  • We will give you the right information, and keep you thoroughly informed throughout the entire discovery process.
  • We will go over each repair option available, provide firm pricing for each option, and will courteously answer any questions that you may have.(Note: All pricing is up-front. You approve costs before they are incurred)
  • If needed, we are equipped to provide any information required by yourinsurance company, including a Master Electrician’s Report
  • Your Safety Is Our Top Priority At Right Touch Electrical In Houston!!!


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