Main Underground Service Replacement

Many home and businesses owners have energy delivered to their home or business through underground service wiring. Most people are unaware that the service drop (wiring), between the energy delivery company transformer pedestal and the meter base, belongs to the customer. If the main service wiring fails, its replacement is the responsibility of the home or business owner, not the energy company.

When this main service wiring fails, it sometimes results in a total power outage to the structure, but many times only one leg of the wiring is affected. This will result in the owner having only half of the power needed to the home or business. To repair this problem, the underground service wiring will need to be replaced. However, in most cases the energy delivery company can connect an above ground “Temporary Bypass” to restore full power, until permanent repairs can be made.

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Trenching or boring are the two most common methods of digging used for underground electrical installations. Determining whether to use trenching or boring usually will depend upon the terrain and cost factors of the job. For example, if the electrical installation is under a parking lot, or in a heavily treed area, boring might be the method of choice. However, on open land, trenching might be the best and most cost effective installation method.

Note: No matter which method is used, in most cases, to be done properly, underground electrical installations should not be attempted until all other underground lines in the installation area have been properly located and marked. This is done by activating the “Call 811” system for your area.

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