Older Home Repairs

The electrical system is usually the forgotten friend in an older home. As a home gets older, it will usually receive many cosmetic updates, such as flooring, cabinets,and paint, but the electrical system typically remains unchanged. Rooms are added,showers, pools, hot tubs, water filtration systems, trash compactors, ovens, sub-zero refrigerators, garage door systems, security gates, security cameras and lighting, are installed. The list is endless. Truth is, we are continually using more electricity in our homes.

Because of this:

    • The power supply to older homes becomes insufficient to support the increased demand.
    • There is an increased danger of improper electrical tie-ins, resulting in unsafe and exposed wiring in the attic or walls.
    • There is increased danger from unsafe equipment or lack of safety upgrades:
      1. Absence of updated grounding system and safety devices
      2. Presence of older dangerous breaker panels (FPE-Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco, Sylvania)
      3. Presence of dangerous wiring (“Knob-and-Tube”, Aluminum, two-wire ungrounded circuits)

NOTE: These electrical deficiencies often create a potentially very dangerous situation for the unsuspecting owner of an older home.

Updating the electrical system in an older home is the biggest safety upgrade that can be made. If you live in an older home that has not been electrically updated, we recommend that you have an electrical inspection made by one of our licensed electricians. Our Home Safety Experts receive specialized training in this field. They will perform a thorough evaluation of your electrical system, walk you through their findings, present the repair options available, and provide all of the information needed for you to make the right decision for your home and budget.

What Can Happen To The Electrical System Of An Older Home?

    • It Becomes Overloaded Due To Insufficient Power Supply

                         Things To Look For…

      • Flickering or brightening/dimming lights
      • Power outages (no power to areas of the structure)
      • Power surges
      • Appliances failing prematurely (or not working properly)
      • Breakers tripping
    • It Becomes Unsafe Due To Loose Connections And Improper Tie-ins

                         Things To Look For…

      • Power surges
      • Breakers tripping
      • Flickering lights
      • Power outages (no power to areas of the structure)
      • Exposed wiring
      • Arcing or Sparking
      • Burning smells/Smoking
      • Popping or sparking at switches and outlets
    • It Becomes Unsafe And Dangerous Due To Failing Equipment Or Wiring

                         Things To Look For…

                         Main Service and Breaker Panel Warning Signs:

      • Electrical panels over 20 years old
      • FPE (Federal Pacific Electric), Zinsco, or Sylvania panels
      • Signs of deterioration in the breaker panel and meter base:
        • Burnt or melted wiring
        • Visible charring or smoke residue
        • Discoloration (due to heat, oxidation, etc.)
        • Rust (visible water damage)
        • Dirt or debris
        • Covers missing or won’t close properly
        • Broken conduit
        • Unsealed openings or on the panel or meter base
      • Low hanging weather-head/riser, or service wiring

                         Faulty Or Dangerous Types Of Wiring:

      • “Knob and Tube” wiring
      • Aluminum wiring
      • “Two-wire” ungrounded circuits
      • Missing of broken main grounding

NOTE: If you are experiencing problems, or find any of the warning signs listed above, you should call our licensed professionals immediately to evaluate your electrical system. It is critical that your electrical system be dependable and in safe condition. It presents a very real danger if your electrical system is not operating properly or fails to shut down as designed, when a problem arises. Your safety is always our top priority at Right Touch Electrical.


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