Panel Repair and Replacement

Should Your Electrical Panel Be Evaluated For Repair Or Replacement?

Are you experiencing problems?

  • Power surges
  • Breakers tripping
  • Flickering lights
  • Power outages (no power to areas of the structure)
  • Arcing or Sparking
  • Burning smells/Smoking
  • Is the electrical panel over 20 years old?
  • Is the panel an FPE (Federal Pacific Electric), Zinsco, or Sylvania brand?
  • Are there signs of deterioration inside of the panel?
  • Burnt or melted wiring
  • Visible charring or smoke residue
  • Discoloration (due to heat, oxidation, etc.)
  • Rust (visible water damage)
  • Dirt and debris
  • Is the inner or outer panel cover missing and/or won’t close properly?
  • Are there unsealed holes, openings, or broken conduit on the panel?
  • Is the main ground wiring to the panel missing, broken, or disconnected?

NOTE: If you are experiencing problems, or can answer “Yes” to any of the other questions listed, you should call immediately to have one of our licensed professionals evaluate your electrical panel. It is the most critical component of your electrical safety system, and represents a real danger, if not operating

At Right Touch Electrical in Houston, there is no travel fee for residenthomeowners in our service area during normal business hours.


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More Information About Electrical Panels:

An electrical system typically consists of several separate electrical circuits that provide electricity to various areas of a structure. The electrical panel (i.e. breaker panel; breaker box) is the heart of the electrical system, and distributes the electricity to each of the electrical circuits. It also serves as the brain or safety net for the entire system. Generally, each circuit in the electrical system is protected by a circuit breaker in the electrical panel. These breakers should trip and shut off power to an electrical circuit
whenever there is a problem. However, when the panel or breaker is not functioning properly, it can fail to stop the flow of electricity through the damaged circuit, and the end result could be arcing, sparking, extreme heat,
and fire within the structure. This is an extremely dangerous situation that has the potential to result in the loss of property and life. If a panel and breakers are old or damaged, they could malfunction at a critical time.

** Review the questions above to help determine if a panel evaluation is needed.

There are many brands and grades of electrical panels on the market. Many manufacturers offer several sizes, styles, and quality grades of both interior and exterior rated electrical panels. It is extremely important that the electrical panel chosen is the correct choice for the application.
(For Example: It would be against NEC safety codes to use an interior panel for an exterior application). However, NEC code does allow for various grades of electrical panels to be used. These grades can vary in quality:

  • Low-Grade (typically referred to as “Builder Grade”)
  • Mid-Grade
  • Premium Grade (Highest Quality)

Since electrical panels protect life and property, it is our belief that only “Premium Grade” electrical panels should be used. Therefore, at Right Touch Electrical we choose to install exclusively the higher quality “Premium
Grade” electrical panel, when panel replacement is needed. Based on the higher equipment quality, and the quality of our installation, the manufacturer gives a “Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty” covering both the
new panel and breakers for our customers.

NOTE: We believe that using a lower grade panel would put our customers at greater risk, and would compromise the high standards of excellence we adhere to. We are committed to treating you, our neighbor,
as we would want to be treated, by installing in your home or business what we would want installed in ours, the very best protection possible.

Your safety is always our top priority at Right Touch Electrical.