Pool Circuits

It is very important that the electrical work for a pool, spa, or hot tub be performed properly. Water is a conductor for electricity, and every year people die in pools and spas from electrical shock caused by improperly installed or faulty electrical work. If you are installing a pool, spa, or hot tub at your home it is of critical
importance to have this electrical work performed by a licensed electrician that has been specifically trained in this type of application.

  • Right Touch has an award winning reputation for “doing it right”.

We will make certain that your new back yard investment is not only beautiful, but also safe, and trouble-free for many years to come. Our licensed professionals are experts at installing the underground and branch circuits needed to power your pool, spa, or hot tub, and will perform the work to the highest standards of quality and safety.

  • All of our electrical work is guaranteed to comply with Local and National Electrical Code safety standard requirements.

Many pool or spa contractors, even good ones, often sub-out the electrical work to another company. This often leads to a lovely pool being installed, but the electrical work tied to the pool being poorly installed. This can cause variety of problems and hidden dangers for the homeowner. With time, this poorly installed electrical work
can develop into a very dangerous situation.

REMEMBER THIS EQUATION: Water + Electricity = Extreme Danger!!!

Our company is often called out to diagnose problems for pool equipment. We very rarely find good quality electrical work in place. Because of what we’ve seen and the special dangers related to faulty electrical work on pools and spas, we believe it is best to hire the pool contractor to build the beautiful pool, and separately hire a quality Houston electrical contractor for the electrical installation, whose focus is only on the quality and safety of the electrical work. That approach just makes sense. Your safety is always our top priority, at Right Touch Electrical.

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