Security Lighting / Guard Lighting

Use of security lighting as a protection for your home or business is becoming more important every day. Let’s face it, our world is becoming more violent. It is critical to use whatever means necessary to limit uninvited access to your property.Security lights, sometimes referred to as guard lights, can help provide the lighting needed in order to increase visibility and prevent or deter intruders from gaining undetected access to the premises at night. Security lighting can be one of the best and least expensive ways to accomplish this task. There are several ways to provide the protective lighting needed to accomplish this. Motion sensor lights or photo sensor lights are the most frequently used type of security lighting or guard lighting for a home or business.

  • Motion Sensor LightsActivate when they detect movement, and stay on for a period of time before turning off
  • Photo Sensor LightsTurn on at dusk (low light periods) and turn off at dawn
  • Landscape Lighting System – Turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn
    NOTE: It is often overlooked that a well planned landscape lighting scheme,(which is also typically a photo sensor controlled lighting system), can provide a very effective source of protection, while adding to the beauty and elegance of the home or business.
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Our licensed electricians have been professionally trained to help with all of your security lighting and guard lighting needs. We can offer expert advise about types of lighting, positioning, lighting “splash zones”, and lighting coverage. We can help you plan to effectively use lighting in order to provide a necessary layer of
protection for your home or business. We will supply all of the information needed for you to make the right installation decision for your family and budget.

We guarantee that all work performed by Right Touch Electrical will fully comply with all Local and National Electrical Code safety standards.

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