Switches, Outlets, Receptacles, and Dimmers

Electrical switches, outlets/receptacles, and dimmers are a daily part of our lives. We continually reach for the light switch, dim or brighten the lights, and plug-in or unplug something. Many of the new “smart” devices can even be controlled from our phones and computers. We constantly use electricity, and take it for granted. It is a normal part of our lives, and it is usually very safe.

However, it is good to keep in mind that each of the devices in your home, every switch, every outlet/receptacle, every dimmer, has the potential to be extremely dangerous. If the wiring becomes loose, or if the device fails, it can cause arcing and sparking, that will present a fire or shock hazard. Many things can cause damage to the wiring or the devices in your home, and cause them to become dangerous.

How Do I Know If My Electrical System Be Evaluated?

  • Are there signs of burning on switches, outlets/receptacles, or dimmers?
    1. Burnt or melted wiring
      Visible charring or smoke residue
      Discoloration (due to heat, oxidation, etc.)
      Hot to the touch
      Popping or sparking
  • Have you experienced problems?
    1. Power surges
      Breakers tripping
      Flickering lights
      Power outages (no power to areas of the structure)
      Arcing or Sparking
      Burning smells/Smoking
      Home been flooded or had water leaks
  • Is there aluminum wiring in your home?
  • Is your electrical system over 20 years old?
  • Is the breaker panel FPE/Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco, or Sylvania brand?
  • Are there signs of deterioration inside of the panel?
    1. Burnt or melted wiring
      Visible charring or smoke residue
      Discoloration (due to heat, oxidation, etc.)
      Rust (visible water damage)
      Dirt and debris
  • Any exposed (visible) wiring in the electrical system (usually in the attic)?
  • Is the inner or outer panel cover missing and/or won’t close properly?
  • Are there unsealed holes, openings, or broken conduit on the panel?
  • Is the main ground wiring to the panel missing, broken, or disconnected?

NOTE: If you are experiencing problems, or can answer “Yes” to any of the other questions listed, you should call immediately to have one of our licensed professionals evaluate your electrical system. It is critical that your electrical system be in safe condition and operating properly. If your not sure, give us a
call, and we will be happy to assist you.

No travel fee for resident homeowners in our service area during normal business hours.

  • At Right Touch Electrical, we constantly train our professional electricians to ensure their proficiency at troubleshooting electrical problems.
  • We are diagnostic experts that excel at pinpointing the problems, and engineering the proper repair solutions.
  • We will give you the right information, and keep you thoroughly informed throughout the entire discovery process.
  • We will go over each repair option available, provide firm pricing for each option, and will courteously answer any questions that you may have.
    (Note: All pricing is up-front. You approve costs before they are incurred)
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