Tripping Breakers and Blown Fuses

Tripping breakers or blown fuses are a sure sign that something is wrong, or was wrong, on the electrical system. Breakers are supposed to trip and fuses are supposed to blow by design, in order to kill power on an electrical circuit whenever there is a problem. They are designed to be the safety net of the electrical system. When breakers trip or fuses blow, they are usually preventing a shock or fire hazard by shutting off power to a problem area in the structure they are protecting. However, that usually means the problem causing the breaker to trip or the fuse to blow still exists. If you reset the breaker or replace the fuse only to have it trip or blow again, do not make another attempt. That is confirmation that you have a real problem, and it is time to call a licensed electrician. Repeated resetting of the breaker may cause it to fail, and not operate as designed. If the faulty circuit remains energized, it might create a fire or shock hazard within the structure, and could result in a potentially dangerous situation.

You need an electrical expert to properly troubleshoot the problem, and provide the right repair options to get your electrical system up and running. This is not the time for amateurs, technicians, or handymen. You need a qualified electrician.

As a local Houston electrical company, Right Touch trains our licensed electricians in Houston to be Home Safety Experts. They are specifically trained, and have the right equipment, to properly evaluate your entire electrical system and solve your problems.

Call Right Touch Electrical, The Houston Electrical Company You Can Trust:

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