Underground Pool Circuits

Underground electrical circuits are needed to supply power to many types of pool and spa equipment (See the Underground Electrical Work” tab for more information). Pool or spa installations will often require that electrical circuitry be run underground in order to supply power pool equipment and pool lighting. It is imperative to have this type of work performed by a qualified and licensed electrician that has also received specialized training in performing underground electrical work.

Proper installation of underground electrical circuitry will require some type of excavation (usually trenching or boring). Underground circuitry installation has different electrical code requirements than above ground installations. It is essential that the work be performed in accordance with Local and National Electrical Code safety requirements.

Something To Think About:

It is not the time to hire amateurs or handymen. It is very important to make certain that the situation is properly engineered in order to avoid a variety of unexpected, and potentially severe, problems. There are also hidden dangers from potential damage to other underground utilities. These dangers must be accounted for, before work begins. Installation of underground electrical circuitry for pools, or any other application, is best left to the experts. Installation of your pool is meant to be an enjoyable experience. It is not the time for unexpected problems.

Right Touch Electrical is an award winning and trusted electrical contractor in Houston. Our team of Houston electricians regularly performs underground electrical work throughout the Greater Houston area. We are experts at this type of installation and repair, and will be happy to help with your underground pool circuit needs. We will work with the City Electrical Inspection Department in your area, and the Power Delivery Company, to make certain that your pool project is engineered properly, and is safely installed every time, with NO BAD SURPISES.

NOTE: All of our work is guaranteed to fully comply with all Local and National Electrical Code safety standards.

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