“Whole Home” Rewiring

Complete electrical rewiring of a structure is a large undertaking, but can be a very simple process, if the work is properly engineered. Our experienced electricians at Right Touch Electrical will handle all of the details. We will work with the City Electrical Inspection Department in your area, and with the Service Consultant for
the Energy Delivery Company, to properly engineer the job before work begins. We don’t like bad surprises, and we are certain that you don’t either. We will go the extra mile to make certain that you receive all of the right information ahead of time, and have a trouble-free repair experience.

When a total rewire takes place, all of the electrical service and wiring in the home or business has to be installed to current Local and National Electrical Code safety standards, and must also comply with all updated Energy Delivery Company requirements.


  • Energy Delivery Company Requirements
  • Local City Inspection Department Requirements
  • National Electrical Code Safety Standards
  • Customer Preferences and Future Plans/Needs

We guarantee that all electrical work we perform will be in compliance with both Local and National Electrical Code Safety Standards. All the members of our team are licensed electricians, and have also received specialized training in rewiring. We are electrical home safety experts, and the safety of your home and family is always our top priority. We will provide you with the honest answers you need, and enable you to make the best repair decision possible for your family and budget.

NOTE: Complete Rewiring May Lower Your Insurance Costs:

Due to the increased dangers of electrical fire within the structure, many insurance companies will either not insure properties containing certain older types of wiring, or will charge a premium price for doing so. In these cases, performing the needed rewiring could result in a substantial insurance savings, helping to offset the cost of the repairs, while providing an increased level of safety and security for your family.

Consult with your insurance carrier to determine if savings are available to you.