Commercial Low-Voltage Electrical Services Houston TX

Low-Voltage Electrical Services in HoustonLow-Voltage Systems – Security Cameras, Data, and Communications for Businesses

Low-voltage electrical systems serve several functions in commercial businesses. These systems include security cameras, internet/ethernet lines, audio/video, and communication/phone systems. Right Touch Electrical provides installation and service for these vital systems in commercial buildings.

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Understanding Commercial Low-Voltage Wiring

Low-voltage systems typically operate at less than 120 volts and as low as 12 volts. Right Touch Electrical services low-voltage wiring in office buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial properties.

Low-Voltage Wiring System Types

Commercial facility electrical systems are complex and require the expertise Right Touch Electrical brings to install them correctly. These wiring systems include cabling for lighting, data, and security systems. Right Touch Electrical provides installation and service of low-voltage wiring for systems such as:

  • Security Cameras: With the boom of camera technology, these systems have become increasingly affordable and are now a staple for both large and small businesses. Right Touch Electrical will partner with you to evaluate your business needs first. Then, we will use the gathered information to design and install a security camera system fit to your budget.
  • Audio/Video: Audio and video systems are typically used to enhance conference spaces, waiting areas, or other specific areas for staff communication or customer entertainment. Right Touch Electrical is equipped to install the wiring that these systems are built on.
  • Internet Networks: Internet networks are now a core part of every business. Right Touch Electrical will evaluate your needs to help determine placements of wired connections and wireless terminals to maximize coverage in your facility.
  • Phone Systems: While phones have been common for many years, they may be the most complex low-voltage system in your building. Right Touch Electrical has the knowledge and experience you will need to ensure the right connections are in the right places.


Because so much depends on low-voltage wiring in your business, trust the licensed electricians at Right Touch Electrical. From installations to maintenance or repairs, we will see to it that your low-voltage systems benefit from The Master’s Touch.