Lightning Strike & Surge Evaluation Houston TX

Lightning Strike Evaulation Houston TX

Electrical Inspections After Lightning Strikes & Power Surges

Whenever you experience a lightning strike or surge event of any type, it’s time to call Right Touch Electrical for an immediate lightning strike evaluation and system evaluation by one of our licensed electricians. In the meantime, check for functionality with your circuit breakers and your light switches, and any outlets. In addition, check to see if your landlines are working.

A lightning strike and electrical power surge can cause various problems ranging in severity from relatively minor to very dangerous. Many times, we find hidden damage. That’s why we recommend you contact us immediately. Our professional Houston electricians are experienced in handling electrical systems affected by lightning strikes or power surges.

What to check after a lightning strike

In most cases, a significant surge event can cause damage to all of the electrical components in your home or business, including damage to the wiring system. Here’s what to check:

  • Full or partial power outage – If your home or business has lost all power or some power, this may be due to damage caused by the lightning strike.
  • One or more breakers tripped – When a lightning strike has caused a surge in your home, it will often trip your circuit breakers. Check to see if your breakers are still functional.
  • Appliances, electronics, or A/C units that no longer work properly – Could be due to circuit breaker damage or tripped breakers.
  • Visible charring at electrical outlets, switches, or wiring – Visually check your electrical outlets and other outlets.
  • Smoke detector system not working correctly or alarming – Chances are that when the lightning struck, it caused a power surge and is now causing the smoke detector to act strangely. Check to see if resetting it will help.

The bad news is if the insulation, connections, conductivity, or grounding of your wiring system has been compromised by a surge event, it presents a significant danger to life and property. However, the good news is that if you have experienced this type of damage, your insurance company will likely cover this type of claim.

Hidden electrical damage from lightning strikes & power surges

The damage caused by a lightning strike or power surge is often internal and is not visible to the naked eye. The things you can’t see are usually the most dangerous.

Hidden damages may include:

  • Loose or arcing internal wiring connections in the electrical panel, breaker, or in-wall outlets, switches, and attic junction boxes
  • Damage to the internal electrical wiring or wiring insulation
  • Damage to the grounding system
  • Damage to major electrical components, including the electrical panel, meter base and riser, and primary service wiring
  • Damage to life safety devices i.e. GFCI and arc fault devices
  • Most serious, compromising the electrical safety system in the home

This is not the time for amateurs, handymen, or technicians. If you suspect your home or business experienced a power surge of any kind, it is imperative you contact a qualified, professional electrician. You need a skilled, licensed electrician trained explicitly for this type of work.

The ability to properly evaluate, identify, and resolve electrical problems of this type, requires proper training, equipment, and experience. Not every electrician is capable of doing this work. Improperly performed electrical diagnostic work can leave a dangerous situation unaddressed. It can also lead to costly, improper, and unsafe repairs.


When lightning strikes, call our trusted Houston electricians

Right Touch Electrical professional electricians receive specialized training in lightning strike evaluation and power surge evaluation. We also have the necessary equipment, including MEG/Ohm testing and thermal imaging, to evaluate internal surge damage properly.

Our safety experts will thoroughly evaluate your entire electrical system, pinpoint the problems, and engineer the correct repair solutions. We will also give you the right information and keep you thoroughly informed throughout the process.

Once the inspection and diagnosis are made, our team will go over each repair option available, provide firm pricing for each option, answering any questions to your satisfaction. If needed, we are equipped to provide any information required by your insurance company, including a Master Electrician’s Report.

Your safety is our number one priority at Right Touch Electrical. For any electrical service you need after a lightning strike or a power surge, call us at (281) 407-6199

FAQs – Lightning Strike Evaluation & Power Surges In Houston, TX

At Right Touch Electrical, we understand that our customers may have several questions about lightning strike evaluation and power surges in Houston, TX.

Here is a list of some frequently asked questions and their answers:

  • Q1: What is a lightning strike evaluation?
    A: A lightning strike evaluation involves a thorough inspection of your electrical system by our experts to determine if it has suffered any damage due to a lightning strike. This includes checking for fried circuits, damaged outlets, and other potential issues.
  • Q2: What is a power surge?
    A: A power surge is a sudden spike in the electrical current flowing through your home. It can be caused by several factors, including lightning strikes, power outages, and large appliances turning on and off.
  • Q3: How can a lightning strike affect my home’s electrical system?
    A: Lightning strikes can cause significant damage to your electrical system. They can overload circuits, fry electrical panels, damage appliances, and cause electrical fires.
  • Q4: How can I protect my home from power surges?
    A: Installing surge protectors is the best way to protect your home from power surges. These devices divert excess voltage from your devices and into the ground, protecting your electrical system.
  • Q5: How often should I have a lightning strike evaluation?
    A: If your home was close to a lightning strike, it’s essential to have an evaluation immediately after to ensure no damage was done. Otherwise, regular electrical inspections can help identify and fix any potential issues before they become significant problems.
  • Q6: Can power surges damage my electronics?
    A: Yes, power surges can severely damage your electronics. They can cause short circuits, damage internal components, and even lead to complete failure of the device.
  • Q7: What signs should I look for after a lightning strike?
    A: After a lightning strike, look for flickering lights, burning smells, damaged appliances, or non-functioning outlets. Call a professional like Right Touch Electrical for a thorough evaluation if you notice any of these signs.

Remember, it’s always best to consult a professional when dealing with lightning strikes and power surges. If you have more questions or need our services, don’t hesitate to contact Right Touch Electrical in Houston, TX.