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Fast & Reliable 24-Hour Emergency Electrical Repair & Installation

Saying that electricity powers our modern lives may be the biggest understatement in history. Pretty much everything we do depends on electrical power: the light we use to see, the heat we use for cooking, and even the power we use to get ourselves from place to place. Even other appliances and systems in our homes all depend on electricity to operate, including parts of your plumbing and your heating and cooling. That means even a small problem can have far-reaching consequences on your day to day life. When you need a fast solution, turn to our trusted League City electrician to get the job done right—and you’ll enjoy outstanding craftsmanship and world-class customer service each and every time.

Here at Right Touch Electrical, we pride ourselves on being different from the rest. When others are content to collect a paycheck for a simple fix that just gets rid of the symptoms, we take pride in doing the job right. Every fix we provide and every electrical solution we implement is designed to tackle the true source of your problem and ensure your home remains safe and functioning properly.

We hold ourselves to high standards of quality, including when it comes to our customer service. Every one of our electricians in League City has undergone extensive training and was carefully selected for their customer service skills as well as their abilities in their trade. We believe the results speak for themselves: nobody provides a better experience from start to finish than we do, and we’d love to show you what that means.

Call (281) 407-6199 or contact us online today to schedule safe & dependable service with our experienced electricians in League City, TX!

The Types of Electrical Repairs We Offer

Electrical problems come in many different forms. While your electrical system may not have a ton of moving parts, the wear and tear from increasing use and the passage of time can cause a wide variety of problems to form. At Right Touch Electrical, we deliver repair services that get your problems resolved right the first time. All of our solutions are code compliant and utilize the best materials available on the market today to ensure a long-lasting outcome that gets rid of the problem for good.

We provide solutions for all types of electrical problems, including:

Customers know they can turn to Right Touch Electrical when they need help the most. We know that problems don’t always happen during normal business hours, so that means you need someone who is available to help you at any time. Whether it’s a serious electrical short, a major surge that has damaged your system, or any other problem that needs to be urgently addressed to keep your home safe, our electricians in League City are here to help 24/7. We’re available at any time, and can send someone to you over nights, on weekends, or even over holidays so you can get the urgent service you need and get back to living in a home that’s safe and secure.

New Electrical Installation in League City, TX

Are you looking to upgrade your home? Interested in adding new capabilities or features to your electrical system? Do you want to enjoy the latest technology or simply add a hot new product to your day to day life? In some cases, these products or features need to be directly wired into your electrical system, and the team at Right Touch Electrical can do just that!

We offer reliable and high-quality electrical installation services for all types of features and systems. Interested in upgrading your lighting? We can replace old fixtures or even place new ones. Want to make your home more secure? We offer outdoor electrical installations, including outdoor lighting and surveillance systems. Our League City electricians even help you with things like home theater wiring, new smart features, and so much more! Every installation is code compliant and will add significant value to your day to day life.

Commercial Electrical Services

Businesses need help with their electrical problems as well! At Right Touch Electrical, we offer best-in-class commercial electrical services so you can keep your business moving smoothly and revenue rolling in.

From simple fixes like outlets and lighting to new installations like conference rooms and data lines, to major services like whole-facility rewiring and panel upgrades, we make sure everything we do will withstand the rigors of day to day use and give your business the tools you need to succeed.