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Electrical problems are a serious issue for your home. Not only do they present a potentially serious safety hazard, but they prevent you from completely taking advantage of the energy you need to power your life. Virtually everything in your home depends on electricity to operate, meaning even small problems can have large, rippling effects throughout your life. Likewise, with electricity being so dangerous if mishandled, it’s best to trust a professional when you need a service to ensure the job is done safely and done right. That’s why so many customers turn to Memorial’s premier electrical services company, Right Touch Electrical, when they need any sort of an electrical repair or installation.

Here at Right Touch Electrical, we believe in delivering results you can rely on. We know that you demand the best for your home, so we make it a point to meet those expectations and then some. All of our electricians are trained with regularity to ensure ongoing learning and improvement of their skills and abilities, and each is equipped with modern tools and premium materials for a long-lasting solution. We’re so confident in our team that we back up every service we complete with a lifetime workmanship guarantee. We believe our quality speaks for itself, but we also deliver world-class customer service that’s friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with throughout your job. We even go to great lengths to ensure we’re affordable, offering upfront pricing, free second opinions, and no travel fees for resident homeowners. There’s a reason we’ve become the most trusted local electrician in the community, and we believe you’ll only need one service to see why.

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Ready to Handle Your Electrical Repairs

Electrical problems often surprise homeowners because of how generally rare they are. Because electrical systems have so few moving parts, they are not prone to as much wear and tear as things like plumbing or HVAC equipment. However, energy flow does still eventually take its toll on everything from your wiring to safety devices to your outlets and switches themselves, and this will eventually create the need for repairs. Whether your repair is routine or serious, the team at Right Touch Electrical is ready to handle it and can get the job done using premium materials and components.

Our crew is ready to handle all of your electrical repair needs, including:

Need a New Electrical Installation?

As you continue to live in your home, your electrical needs will change. Would you like to mount your TV on a different wall but don’t have an outlet close enough to make it work? Do you need to plug a light fixture into a different spot but don’t want to lose the functionality of the light switch controlling it? Whether it’s new outlets and switches, new ceiling fans, new outdoor lighting, or anything in between, Right Touch Electrical can install them all to the highest degrees of quality. All of our installations are completed using premium materials and workmanship that adheres to building codes and safety standards for your peace of mind and total satisfaction. Plus each is guaranteed to last thanks to our lifetime warranty on craftsmanship.

Maintain Your Electrical Grid with Regular Inspections

Keeping your electrical system working well involves regular attention and checkups, and that’s exactly what our inspection and maintenance services provide. Maintaining your electrical system is easy when you regularly have a professional check over your system and notify you of any emerging problems that need to be addressed. We are thorough, detailed, and complete when it comes to our inspection services so you get the clearest and most accurate picture as to what’s going on and what you’ll need to address in the future.

Nobody services your electrical system better than the team at Right Touch Electrical. Contact us to get the job done right the next time you need an electrical repair or installation!