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Electricity is one of those things that has become so integral to our day to day life that we often take it for granted until something happens. In fact, you use electricity almost without stopping throughout the day. When you wake up, your alarm clock, your bedroom light, and many of your grooming tools use electrical power. At work, your computer, printer, servers, displays, or even specialized machinery run on electrical power from plugs or batteries. Back at home, your cell phone, tablets, television, and kitchen equipment all rely on electricity in some way. With so much riding on your electrical grid, you need fast and reliable solutions when problems come up.

At Right Touch Electrical, we want to be the name you turn to for all of your electrical services, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard in order to earn your trust. Whether you have a routine problem or a large issue, we deliver nothing short of an outstanding experience that solves the issue for good. Every one of our technicians regularly undergoes professional training to advance their skills and teach them how to better solve your issues, plus each is equipped with modern tools that ensure the job is done right. We always come prepared with premium materials and replacement parts to handle your repair, and we’re always learning and updating our services to adhere to all building codes and regulations for your safety and security. Plus we do all of this while offering customer service that isn’t found anywhere else and transparent pricing that avoids any surprises on the final bill.

The next time you need an electrical repair for your home, make the right choice and call the Royal Oaks electricians from Right Touch Electrical at (281) 407-6199 today.

Electrical Repairs You Can Rely On

Even though many of your electrical components have no moving parts, the strain and stress of carrying electrical current creates wear and tear that eventually creates a need for repairs. At Right Touch Electrical, we take your electrical problems seriously, and we conduct repairs that sort out the issue for good the first time. We’ve handled almost every type of electrical issue before, and we know how to handle it if it comes up in your home. As homeowners ourselves, we understand the safety risk of a broken or improperly fixed electrical device, so we make sure our solutions are fast, comprehensive, and effective so you can breathe easy again.

Our team can help with any type of electrical service, including:

New Electrical Installations

Your electrical system is a lot like your life: it will never remain constant and you’ll always need to adapt to changes. Whether it’s changes in building laws, changes in how you live at home, or changes in how you need to use electricity, our team is ready to provide you with a solution to handle them all. Our team can help with everything from simple customizations to complex installations and even total overhauls of your electrical system to ensure you receive the best in energy efficiency and reliability. We also help with new construction projects including home additions or outdoor electrical installations.

Maintenance & Inspection Services

In order to stay healthy, you regularly visit the doctor for a checkup. With your electrical system, regular inspections and maintenance services from a professional electrician have the same function and benefits. Right Touch Electrical’s comprehensive inspection services find any potential issues in your system and give you a clear picture of what you should know. We even provide options for repairs or professional and reliable advice for what you should do to keep your home running smoothly in the future.