Signs Your House Needs Surge Protection

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve most likely speculated about the potential for an electrical surge in your home at one point or another. Unfortunately, even if electricity runs smoothly within your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is functioning as it should be. Electrical surges often occur without warning and can cause significant damage to your electronics if left unprotected. To help prevent damage from power surges, your house needs surge protection. Here are some telltale signs that it may be time to invest in a good quality surge protector for your home.

Unusual electrical sounds in your wall outlet:

Electrical sounds in outlets can be caused by a variety of potential issues, such as loose wiring, updated appliances creating a strain on the outlet’s current, or corrosion buildup inside the outlet affecting the flow of electricity. If you hear unusual electrical sounds like buzzing, humming, or crackling from your wall outlets, you should have an electrician inspect them and ensure everything is safe. Although some minor buzzing or humming noises are normal when items are connected to power, persistent and louder noises than usual can be warning signs of something needing attention. To keep your family and home safe, getting the issue checked out early is best.

Your electrical outlets are hot to the touch:

Do your electrical outlets feel like they’ve heated up? This could be a sign that something is wrong with your home’s wiring system. If you feel any heat coming from an outlet, turn off the power to that area immediately and call an electrician to get it checked out. Never ignore a hot outlet, as it can easily cause more significant problems in the future, such as fires or shocks. Be sure to keep any flammable materials well away from outlets when the electricity is still on, and ensure all unused outlets or appliances are unplugged. Taking preventive action now can help protect your home from potential hazards created by a faulty wiring setup.

Regular power outages in your home:

Regular power outages can be a major inconvenience, especially during summer when air conditioning and refrigeration are essential. These outages can easily be avoided with proper planning and maintenance of your home’s electrical system. Investing in surge protectors to prevent overloading and outages, regularly checking circuits for potential problems, setting up generators for backup power, and working with an electrician to inspect wiring will often do the trick. Addressing any potential electrical problems early on can help avert any severe issues from occurring in the future and give you peace of mind knowing that your power will stay on despite regular outages in the neighborhood.

An unexplained burning smell coming from your outlets or appliances:

If you ever have the feeling that something is not right with an outlet or appliance in your home, and it’s accompanied by a burning smell, you should take immediate action. It could be as minor as an overloaded socket or power strip; however, it also could indicate a major electrical problem. Further investigation is required to diagnose the issue accurately – make sure to call an electrician if there are signs of an unsafe current in your outlets. An unexplained burning smell could be indicative of short circuits, loose wiring, or faulty circuitry, all of which can lead to potential dangers such as fire, electrocution, and even structural damage if not addressed. Taking the time to investigate further and hire a qualified professional can be hugely beneficial in the long run – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Sudden damage to electronics or appliances, such as a blown a fuse:

When households are struck by sudden damage to electronic or home appliances, the results can be inconvenient and costly. A blown fuse is a common occurrence that can be caused by an overload of energy running through a circuit, leading to the interruption of power flowing through the fuse. It’s important to recognize when a blown fuse has occurred so you can pinpoint the problem and replace it promptly – otherwise, you risk damages occurring throughout your house. Blown fuses are typically located in a fuse box, but they can also appear in busy circuits like air conditioners and microwave ovens. To prevent future occurrences, identify potential causes like overloaded circuits and eliminate them. Taking steps to prevent further damage will save you time, money, and frustration!

Lights and appliances flickering on and off for no reason:

Suppose you have been reporting their lights and appliances flickering on and off for no reason, a phenomenon that can be very concerning when it is unexplained. In most of these cases, the cause of the issue could be wiring issues or poor connections that should be looked into by a professional electrician. Additionally, flickering could indicate that something has overloaded the circuit if it happened while using certain appliances or if you’ve added in new electrical equipment recently. Some fixes include decreasing the load on a circuit, replacing parts of the wiring, or bringing in more power to support more outlets and lights. Having an understanding of why your lights are flickering is key to ensuring everyone’s safety and reducing any potential damage to your home’s electrical system.

Discoloration or burning near an outlet:

Electrical surges can be damaging and costly, so it is important to make sure your home’s outlets are protected. If you notice discoloration or burning near an outlet, this could be a sign that your electronics are exposed to the excess voltage that can cause irreparable damage. Surge protection is vital to keeping your home and family safe from any potential risks. It can limit the sudden flow of electricity by redirecting the excess energy away from vulnerable equipment, reducing the chances for irreversible damage. In addition, surge protection guards against incorrect wiring and faulty appliances in both residential and business settings. To ensure all your electronic devices stay safe from electrical surges, consider investing in surge protection today!

Unusual Sounds Come Out Of Your Electronics:

Power surges can occur without warning and have the potential to be serious problems for unprotected electronics. Damages to expensive or treasured tools or devices can not only be costly but also an inconvenience if irreparable. Therefore, it is important to be aware of any unusual sound or smell coming from your electronics, as this is a sure sign that surge protection is needed. Safety measures such as surge protectors are essential to guard against sudden changes in electricity supply and provide protection against potentially disastrous consequences in terms of equipment malfunctions or even fire hazards. In addition, they can be installed quickly and easily, so there’s no excuse for not safeguarding valuable electronic possessions!

Your Circuit Breakers and Light Switches Stop Working Properly:

Many of us don’t think about our circuit breakers and light switches until they stop working properly. Perhaps you hear a faint humming noise when you turn them on. Or maybe the lights flicker or it takes multiple attempts to get the breaker to trip. In either case, it could be a sign that your wiring is faulty and needs surge protection to protect your home from potential hazards like fires, shocks, and other dangerous incidents. Good quality surge protection can save you time, hassle and money! Surge protection can also help prevent modern electronic devices like computers, tablets, game consoles, smart speakers and more from experiencing a power outage or damage due to sudden voltage spikes.

How Right Touch Solves Your Surge Protection Issue:

Whenever you experience a surge event of any type, it’s time to call Right Touch Electrical for an immediate system evaluation by one of our licensed electricians. In the meantime, check for functionality with your circuit breakers and your light switches, and any outlets. In addition, check to see if your landlines are working.

An electrical power surge can cause various problems ranging in severity from relatively minor to very dangerous. Many times, we find hidden damage. That’s why we recommend you contact us immediately.

Right Touch Electrical professional electricians receive specialized training in power surge evaluation. We also have the necessary equipment, including MEG/Ohm testing and thermal imaging, to evaluate internal surge damage properly.

Our safety experts will thoroughly evaluate your entire electrical system, pinpoint the problems, and engineer the correct repair solutions. We will also give you the right information and keep you thoroughly informed throughout the process.

Once the inspection and diagnosis are made, our team will go over each repair option available, provide firm pricing for each option, answering any questions to your satisfaction. If needed, we are equipped to provide any information required by your insurance company, including a Master Electrician’s Report.

Your safety is our number one priority at Right Touch Electrical. For any electrical service you need after a lightning strike or a power surge, call us at (832) 979-7350